Tuesday, September 14, 2010



  1. wow nicely done. THESE SHOTS ARE HARD!!
    i don't ever thing i got one this good. there is A LOT of movement there. how fast did you pan? SHEESH.

    good job =)

  2. I took about thirty shots of cars, trucks and a motorcycle and this was the only one that I thought came out good enough. In addition to having a blurred car many were washed out in color. As for how quickly I panned? The cars were probably going fifty or fifty five. As they approached I got them lined up and then followed them until just before they were directly in front of me. Then I hit the button and kept panning. Hardest part, other than keeping steady is following all the ay through. Many shots were blurred because i stopped too soon.

  3. I'll show you how when we are out there. LOL!!!