Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not a spare tire

This morning I walked out to get the paper in the driveway and noticed I had a staple sticking in one of my truck's tires. So, after reading the paper with my morning coffee I took the tire off, put the spare on and drove it down to the corner auto shop. He told me because the two small staple holes were right near the edge of the tire, he couldn't plug them. And since the tires are six and a half years old and have some dry rot to them, he suggested new tires. Not an expense I was ready for but I told him okay because it would have had to be done in a couple months anyway. So, I left my truck there and walked home. it was only then that I thought I should have taken a pic of the truck up on the jack, or the staple sticking out of the tire, or something related to the experience. But I failed. Instead I came home and went out to the garden and took this pic of a future cucumber.

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